Frequently Asked Questions over eduGAIN

1. What is eduGAIN ?
eduGAIN is project developped by GEANT, the pan-european research and education network aiming to interfederate the various federations found not only in Europe but worldwide.

2. What is the benefits of being in eduGAIN ?
The connected federations bring their member’s IDP but also their Service Providers (SP). The SP may thus be potential interesting services for everyone.

3. Are the IDP/SP automatically integrated into eduGAIN ?
No. An explicit demand needs to be introduced to Belnet.

4. What are the costs ?
Nothing ! The service is free of charge for all members.

5. What do I need to do to join technically ?
Mostly, you will need to add some informations to your Shibboleth configuation’s files. You may look at another section on our website for details.