Various extensions to metadata and federated services


The accronym stand for Metadata Extensions for User Interface (Login and Discovery). It is an extension to be used in IdP and SP, to let include various data that can be used to extend the metadata for interface’s improvements in IdP and SP but essentially in Discovery Service (or WAYF). In our Belnet’s staff IdP, we store logos, geographic coordinates and IP hints. Please find here a sample on how to do it :

       <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="en"> Belnet </mdui:DisplayName>
       <mdui:Description xml:lang="en"> Belnet operates the Research and Education network for Belgium. </mdui:Description>
       <mdui:Logo height="16" width="16"> https://your.site.url/images/smalllogo.png </mdui:Logo>
       <mdui:Logo height="64" width="152"> https://your.site.url/images/biglogo.png </mdui:Logo>

As you may see, you could put several logos which could be exploited by the interface presenting the entities. A consensus seem to prefere logos extended in width (and not to big in their height). You may see an example of the usage in the list of participants.

The DiscoHint part is used to help the DiscoJuice discovery’ system to locate the nearer IdP to log you on to.